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How To Register New Pan Card In TamilNadu Online

Register New Pan Card In { Tamil Nadu } Online Today we are going to share how to apply new pan card in tamil nadu (tn) , this blog will give complete information on how to get new pan card online in india , to track pan card status online , apply pan card , pan card verification , pan card registration , and all details will be available . In order to apply new pan card in tamil nadu (tn) you just need to follow the steps as we mention below . The government of india has been launching several websites in order to get complete details of pan card , out of those this is one of the websites that has been using . Nsdl is one of the top portal website that gives most of the information on tamil nadu (tn) state like track pan card status , apply pan card online and all the details of pan card in tamil nadu (tn) in 2015 .
The government of india , using nsdl as their third party service in order to track all the information related to pan card . In order to apply new pan card or to register new pan card in tamil nadu (tn) state in 2015 , you just need to visit this website as i do mention below , That website will only allow to register pan card in tamil nadu (tn) state in 2015 , if you want to apply through offline we are requested you to visit the following method below the section of online method . The process of registration of pan card in tamil nadu (tn) state is quite easy , you just need to click on this link later you need to follow the rules that has been displayed on that web page  . Then after scroll down and choose the option that you wish to apply in tamil nadu (tn) state . Almost you done , now you just need to pay the fee via Internet banking or demand draft . That's it ! If you want to know detailed wise steps on how to regiser new pan card in tamil nadu (tn) state in 2015 check the below content so that you can get an idea what to do as well .

Step By Step Wise For Registration Of pan Card In TamilNadu 

1) just before that you need to visit the below link , the link provide most of the information and all the details like apply pan card , track pan card status in tamil nadu (tn) state and all the verification process in india 2015.

2) The website link as goes here :- nsdl .tin .tin .com/pan

3) Now , just click on that link to apply in tamil nadu (tn) , then after it will redirect to web page of pan card official site , now scroll down to that web page you can see the certain options , we do also mention those options as well , just choose the best option , most of the tamil nadu (tn) people will choose " individual " option . Below are the options that has been displaying in that website , change name in pan card ?

  • Partnership firm
  • Individual
  • Body of individuals 
  • Hindu undivided family
  • Association of persons
  • Local Authority
  • Company
  • Trust
  • Artificial Juridical person
  • Government agency 
  • Limited Liability partnership

4) Now , just fill all the personal details as related to you , now you just need to pay the fee in order to process your pan card application in tamil nadu (tn) state There are several option that you just need to pay the fee . We do also mention the some best possible ways to pay the fee here check it out , find pan card number by name ?

  • You can pay via credit card / debit card 
  • The fee to pay is around 150/- ( Inclusion of all taxes )
  • Or else you can also pay via Demand draft in favour of ' NSDL-PAN'
  • You can also make via net banking
5) Now , after all that just click on the submit form . 

6) That's it ! You almost done ! with in a 2-3 weeks your pan card will be dispatched to your home address where you mention in your tamil nadu (tn) state in 2015 , track your application status here 2015


If you feel kinda bit difficulty to apply new pan card through online in tamil nadu (tn) state in 2015 , then this content is for you to register via offline method . As per my view it is better to apply through offline . You can also track status here , in order to apply offline you just need to download the application form that is form 49 , the form 49 will be use to apply new pan card in tamil nadu (tn) state in 2015 . Download the form 49 below and fill all the details related to your details . We also shared the step by step wise to apply offline in tamil nadu (tn)state in 2015 .

1) Before you need to register , just download the application form , the application form will give most of the information for your need .

Register New Pan Card In { Tamil Nadu } Online

3) Now , fill the details , and submit it to near by any pan card office or any pan eseva or any online cafe or income tax department .

4) That's it ! You almost done with in a 2-3 weeks your new pan card will be dispatched to your address as you mention on tamil nadu (tn) state in 2015 .


If you want to apply duplicate pan card in tamil nadu (tn) state , you just need to download the new FORM 49-A Application . This new form application , will be use to get the pancard if you lost at any occasion . After all that you need to fill all the details and submit to near by any office that's it ! There are two methods to apply duplicate one , one is through offline and through online . Below are the links to apply duplicate in  tamil nadu (tn) state in 2015 , you also need to apply FIR form from police department 


After , your pan card verification will be done an 15 number acknowledge mt will be displayed . You just need to note that number for your future purpose .Now , take that number and track your pan card status online in that website , below is the link that we provide to track pan card status in tamil nadu (tn) state in 2015 .

The above information is valid in all tamil nadu districts and some of them that I do mention bemow please do referr as Ariyalur District , coimbatore district , cuddalore district, dharmapuri , dindigual , erode district , kanchipuram , kanyakumari district , karur , krishnagiri , madurai , nagapattinam, namakkal , nilgiris , and perambalur , pudukkottai .Ramanathapuram,sivagasnag,salem,thanjavur,theni,thoothukudi,tiruchirappali,tirunelveli,tiruppur,tiruvallur,
Tiruvannamalai , Tiruvarur ,  Vellore  , Viluppuram ,  Virudhunagar , 
Chennai District
Coimbatore District

Cuddalore District

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    Online application and offline application is available for all. Which one is best for me? Tell me the details and data here. I need the best information and good related matters about the applying pan card in online. Offline also applicable for the people at bank. Why the people are using the offline? Please tell me the details here. They are helps me for making good reference book in online. It is helps for tracking the best way for applying new pan card. Looking the best time for publish that in online for people. Please support me here about apply new pan card


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