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How To Write FIR For Lost Pan Card To Police

Today we are going to share how to write fir for lost pan card to police in 2015 a particular area . Government of india has been launching several programmes in digital marketing in order to get pan card online , and all the information related to that . This article will mainly focus on how to write letter to police for lost pan card . FIR is one of the most important thing in order to get duplicate application form or to apply duplicate pan card online . All , you need is just fill the form with attested fir form form police department and submit it to the near by income tax office or near by any eseva office . We have just mention two samples of fir so , that you can get an idea on how to write fir in 2015.

nsdl is the one who operating services in both online and offline. That website will give all the information even though you can apply it online, and make correction for duplicate pan card in 2015 also and application procedure will also be applicable in that website . Before , you get in to the topic please be through the website below examples of fir for lost pan card in india 2015


Below , we do mention the two samples that is necessary for you . This samples are taken form other website which we have own complete copyrights . Please be check it out for lost pan card fir to police in application form method in 2015.

                                                                                           Area Name

your name
your address
your mobile number
Email Id( Optional)
Pan card number(If you remember )

The police officer
Police state name

Respected sir ,

                        Sub :- Lost pan card - To apply duplicate pan card 

While I was shopping in complex near by my home town , I lost my wallet . It contains the valuable information like pan card , aadhar card , and other information . Today , I came here to book an fir for in order to get new one please do register in the subject matter as FIR for lost pan card .

Pan card number :-xxxxxxx
Person name :-xxxxx

Thanking you ,

                                                                                           yours sincerely

The above is one method to write fir to police department , we do already mention the other one too . You will get an idea please do check it out .


                                                                                            Area Name

The police officer
Police station Name

Respected sir ,

SUB:- Lost pan card fir form 

When I was travelling to my native town , while in the bus unfortunately I lost my pan card due over crowded in that bus . So , I would like to apply new one . Please be note this as subject matter and book the fir form , to get the duplicate tax card .

Pan card number :-xxxxx
Name :-xxxxxx

Thanking you ,

                                                                                          Yours sincerely

After all that how to apply duplicate

Okay ! Now , you just got the fir form and then after you just need to apply duplicate pan card online . We do mention some steps how to apply . please be through this steps so , that you will get an idea on what to do as per rules .

1) After collecting the fir form , now you just need to download the form 49a application form . Click on the below image to download the application form .

2) Download the application form here , 

3) After download the application form make sure to fill all the details ,


Reasons of lost the nsdl card 
  • On some occasion
  • While you were travelling
  • Lost the purse
  • Lost my luggage 

If you have any doubts please do comment here our team will clarify all the doubts related to that in 2015.

sample fir to police in himachal pradesh , delhi , uttar pradesh , delhi , andhra pradesh , mizoram , odisha , telangana , tamil nadu , banglore , karnataka , kerala , west bengal , bihar , harayana , sikkim 

Government of india and nsdl has been planning to implement this kind of strategy in more advance level . People will get more benefits form this , nsdl is one of the portal website that only planning to implement other best user interface website for the users . So that every one will get an idea on what they were dong right in 2015 .


  1. hello
    Thanks for increasing our knowledge by these article its very useful.

  2. Hi, As many people lost their Pan cards, here you have provide best as well written sample to write for lost of pan card to police. thanks for the post

  3. have you applied for PAN card and don't get yet? Then you can check PAN Card Status UTI on online portals by using your name , DOB and Acknowledged number.

  4. i bought my pan card by applying online. is it necessary to file fir for pan card also

  5. i bought my pan card by applying online. is it necessary to file fir for pan card also

  6. Can you please tell me..what to write in Area Name ???

  7. area and season of the person(s), conduct of the person(s) and any data the officials had accessible as to neighborhood issues/lawbreakers. Further, the exploration sums up that albeit now and again, youthful people of color might be lopsidedly halted by police officials, they could, in certain spaces and at specific occasions, be under-addressed in stops by officials. A similar examination guarantees that white individuals are truth be told over-addressed in stops by police officials. Crime Check

  8. I can’t imagine focusing long enough to research; much less write this kind of article. You’ve outdone yourself with this material. This is great content. how to track a phone without them knowing


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